Physical activity is important for everyone at all ages but engaging in regular physical activity over the age of 50 has been shown to prevent many of the physical, psychological conditions commonly associated with older age. Structured physical activity can help support older people achieve a wide range of goals from maintaining independent living, reducing risk of falls, improving co-ordination, improving health, reduce stress, anxiety and depression and also support the return to social groups and other exercise sessions. 

In the UK we have a growing older population, between 1985 and 2010 population over 65 years increased by 20%, in 2010 just under 2.3 % of the population were age 85 and over. (Office for National Statistics, 2010) The good news is we are living longer but unfortunately this can mean living longer with those conditions associated with older age which can limit our ability to live an enjoyable and independent life. Regular engagement in physical activity has been shown to:

  • Reduce risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Increase muscular strength and flexibility

  • Reduce risk of falls

  • Help maintain good blood pressure

  • Enhance self-esteem and self-worth

  • Reduce depression, anxiety and stress

  • Maintain an independent lifestyle

Despite these well supported benefits of becoming physically active the sad truth is as we get older our activity levels decrease and we become increasing sedentary which further accelerates our functional decline. Getting more physically active no matter how little will have a positive impact on your health even if you have been previously inactive. We understand that people can be apprehensive about becoming physically active for a variety of reasons including feeling too tired, fear of over doing it, bad previous experiences, that physical activity will cause harm or that the activity will not be changed to suit medical needs to name but a few. 

Our mission is to provide an individualised programme to meet your personal goals and needs, taking into account your likes and dislikes associated with physical activity. We provide a wide variety of programmes including fully seated and assisted standing programmes with focus on muscle strengthening exercises to correct posture, help in completion of Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), improve balance and co-ordination for fall prevention mixed with light cardiovascular exercises to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, improve stamina and improve functional ability. 

We can provide a home 1:1 session or a small group session in a suitable location, any equipment for the session will be provided. If you would like an exercise session as an activity for sheltered accommodation, care home or similar then please contact us to discuss further.

We have strong links with local services and exercise sessions so if you would like to progress on to additional or alternative sessions in your local area then we are keen to support this and will help you find things that you are interested in.


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