M.L. Health and Fitness is dedicated to supporting you to improve your well-being and achieving your goals through individually designed physical activity programmes. Our qualifications and experience allow us to aid adults across a range of ages and abilities to get active, and stay active for life. We are based and work in Suffolk and surrounding area.

We can provide onward guidance in a Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation setting for clients leaving NHS or Private Cardiac Rehabilitation programmes and further their progression to achieve their goals whether this be returning to work, back to previous activities or maintaining independent living. We have 4 years of experience in designing suitable exercise programmes for a range of abilities in a NHS environment and have helped hundreds of people in achieving their goals, making positive health changes and boosting their confidence following cardiac intervention.

In addition, we also specialise in providing physical activity for older adults, we understand that maintaining quality of life and independent living is important to almost everyone and can be a particular concern for many older people. We provide a range of different exercise programmes to support the needs of the older person no matter of their current activity level, our programmes include resistance exercise to increase muscle mass to support activities of daily living, balance and co-ordination to reduce risk of falls and fear of falling and cardiovascular exercises to support stamina and heart health.


We are primarily a mobile service and provide exercise at your home or other suitable location. We offer a range of services including:

  • Set up with an individually designed programme for a one off fee with option of follow up on request with additional fee.
  • Regular 1:1 sessions, seated exercise, circuit exercise, resistance training, running, walking, cycling, improving fitness for sport, functional capacity or return to work.
  • Hire to run group sessions, seated exercise, cardiac rehabilitation, circuit programmes, and beginner cycling or running groups (Couch to 5k). Suitable location to be provided by customer. Maximun group size will be dependent on needs of group and chosen programme.

We also provide individual fitness and health assessments including suitable aerobic fitness assessment, diet analysis, Blood pressure, weight, waist, and BMI measurements. If you would like to discuss beginning exercise sessions with M.L Health and Fitness, have any questions please use the Contact us form.

Price List:

  • Initial consultation: Free
  • Sessions are still running but only on Zoom!!
  • 1:1 One off programme set up £50
  • 1:1 90 min session £30
  • 1:1 60 min session £25
  • 1:1 30 mins session £15
  • 60 min group session £25
  • + 45 per mile travel cost

All necessary equipment for the session will be provided. There are reductions for 1:1 sessions for block booking 12 or more sessions.